The EFIS - EJI Ruggero Ceppellini Advanced School of Immunology

La Scuola Superiore d'Immunologia Ruggero Ceppellini

Presents an Advanced EFIS-EJI Course:


The Scuola Superiore d'Immunologia Ruggero Ceppellini (Ruggero Ceppellini Advanced School of Immunology) was founded 25 years ago to create a pole of attraction in Southern Italy for those pursuing immunological studies, and to promote interaction among the scientific and medical communities at the national and international levels.

In recent years, the School has been regularly sponsored by EFIS (European Federation of Immunological Societies) and its journal EJI

(European Journal of Immunology).

This website contains full information, history, structure, past courses, etc.


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The 2016 Advanced EFIS-EJI course :


Metchnikoff’s Legacy:  Tissue Phagocytes and Functions


Directors:  Siamon Gordon (University of Oxford, UK)

Stefan Kaufmann (Max Planck Institute, Berlin, Germany)

Fernando Martinez Estrada (University of Oxford, UK)


Stazione Zoologica "Anton Dohrn", Naples, Italy


12 – 14 October, 2016

Elie Metchnikoff – who died 100 years ago – discovered “macrophages” in Messina, Sicily, then studied them at his friend Anton Dohrn’s laboratory in Naples.  The Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn was founded in 1872 as the first European zoological station which housed an aquarium.  It is indeed a fitting venue for our 2016 course.


Organizing Committee: S. Fontana, A. Di Giacomo, T. Reynolds 




Round Table Discussion

“What do we owe to the history of our subject?

Chair: Siamon Gordon;

Discussants: Stefan Kaufmann, Geo Teti,

SZN Anton Dohrn representative, et al.

Florent Ginhoux (Singapore)  Development of Macrophages

with Andrea Ballabio, discussant (TIGEM, Naples)

Ela Kolaczkowska (Cracow)  Phagocyte Imaging and Recruitment

Kodi Ravichandran (Virginia)  Promoting Apoptotic Cell Clearance

Katja Simon (Oxford)  Autophagy and Infection

Gio Teti (Messina)  Phagocytes and Innate Immunity

Cecilia Garlanda (Milan) Regulation of Inflammation


Stefan Kaufmann (Berlin) Phagocytes in Tuberculosis

Eddie Liew (Glasgow) Phagocytes in Parasitic Infection

Quentin Sattentau (Oxford) Macrophages and HIV

Branka Horvat (Lyon)  Macrophages and Emerging Viral Infections

Miguel Soares (Oeiras, Portugal)  Iron Homeostasis and Phagocytes

Fernando Martinez Estrada (Oxford and Surrey)  Macrophage Activation

Gio Natoli (Milan)  Epigenetic Control of Macrophage Gene Expression

Maria Rescigno (Milan) Dendritic Cells and the Gut

Diego Gomez-Nicola (Southampton) Microglia, Guardians of the Brain

Vincenzo Bronte (Verona)  Myeloid Derived Suppressor




Organizing Secretariat: effe erre congressi srl,  e-mail:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Registration Fee of €550,00 includes: all course material, lunches, coffee breaks, welcome buffet, and a guided tour of an archeological site.  A limited number of partial or full EFIS fellowships is available, with preference given to applicants from developing countries.  Deadline for application is 15 July, 2016.  If you apply for a fellowship you will be informed by 10 August, 2016.  Registration fee must be paid before 10 September, 2016.


The Course takes place in memory and in honour of the Ceppellini School Founder Serafino Zappacosta.

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