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T cell memory


October 12

Polly Matzinger, Bethesda, USA "In immunology (as in life) what you think influences what you do"


October 13

Introduction to Ceppellini School by Ennio Carbone, Catanzaro

Introduction to the Course by Francesca Di Rosa, Rome & Stephen Schoenberger, La Jolla

David Masopust, Minneapolis "Resident Memory T Cells"

Francesca Di Rosa, Roma "CD8 T cell memory in the bone marrow"

Rene van Lier, Amsterdam      "Blood and Beyond: Trigger-happy T cells residing in tissues"

Stephen Schoenberger, La Jolla  "Functional plasticity in CD4+ T cells"

Poster session 1


October 14

Luigia Pace, Torino "Epigenetics and heterochromatin silencing during CD8+ T cell fate commitment"

Peter Katsikis, Rotterdam “Post-transcriptional control of CTL immunity”

Vincenzo Barnaba, Roma  “CD8+ T cell responses in autoimmunity and tumor immunology”

Dietmar Zehn,Munich  "Molecular control of T cell differentiation in chronic infection"

Andrew Weinberg, Portland   “Cancer-Specific Tumor Infiltrating CD8 T Cells Have a Resident Memory

Phenotype: Implications for Clinical Intervention”

Poster session 2

17:30-19:30 Visit to Damecuta archeological site in Anacapri


October 15

Polly Matzinger, Bethesda "Autoimmunity: are we asking the right question? “

Short presentations by selected students (best poster authors)

Round table and Conclusions

Scientific Programme

12 – 15 October

Anacapri, Capri island (Naples)

Course Directors:

Stephen Schoenberger (La Jolla, USA) & Francesca Di Rosa (Rome, Italy)

Organizing Committee:     

Silvia Fontana-Zappacosta, Ennio Carbone, Farncesco Colucci, Giuseppe Matarese, Giuseppina Ruggiero

Secretariat organizing:

Fuori Rotta Eventi & Congress

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