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T cell memory


October 8

Introduction to Ceppellini School by Ennio Carbone, Catanzaro

Giorgio Trinchieri USA The commensal microbiota and innate resistance: a billion-year tale


October 9

Guido Kroemer(France) Longevity-extending micronutrients and microbes stimulate anticancer

Nicola Segata (Italy)  Shotgun metagenomics for high-resolution investigations of the human microbiome

Costanza Maria Cristiani(Italy) Natural Killer cells in cancer: opening new opportunities in immune therapy

Lisa De Rosa(France) Gut bacteria composition drives primary resistance to cancer immunotherapy

Petter Brodin (Sweden) ) Systems-level analysis of immune development early in life

Jolanda De Vries(The Netherlands)

Poster session

20;00  Dinner at Gelsomina restaurant   in Anacapri


October 10

Laurence Zitvogel (France) The unsuspected role of gut microbiota in cancer therapies

Sebastian Kobold (Germany ) Adoptive T cell therapy of cancer: a long journey from the bench to the bedside



Scientific Programme

9-10 October 2019

Anacapri, Capri island (Naples)

Course Directors:

Francesco Colucci  (University of Cambridge UK)

Ennio Carbone (University of magna Grecia Catanzaro Italy)

Guido Kroemer Université Paris Descartes France

Giorgio TrinchieriNational Cancer Institute National Institute of Health Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Laurence Zitvogel Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus Paris, France

Organizing Committee:     

Silvia Fontana-Zappacosta, Ennio Carbone, Farncesco Colucci,  Giuseppina Ruggiero

Secretariat organizing:

Fuori Rotta Eventi & Congress

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