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Migration Flows and Emerging Pathologies: The Role of Immunology

Naples, 29 April 2005

A Conference held at Palazzo Serra di Cassano in the Occasion of the European Day of Immunology, coorganised with the Italian Society for Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA).

The Conference Chairman: S Zappacosta (Naples)
The Organising Committee: A Di Giacomo (Naples), H Hahn (Berlin), L Racioppi (Naples), S Zappacosta (Naples)

S. Zappacosta (Naples): Introductory Remarks
H Hahn (Berlin): Tuberculosis: New Approaches to Vaccination
E M Riley (London): Malaria Immunity and Immunopathology
S Becker (Marburg): New Viruses and Their Pathogenetic Mechanisms: Marburg, Ebola, West Nile
G Scala (Catanzaro): New Vaccines against AIDS/HIV


Plenary Symposium on 
Interface between Innate and Adaptive Immunity: Conversation between Tissues and T Cells within the 3rd National Conference of SIICA

Ischia, 27 April 2004

P Matzinger (Bethesda) – Tissues, T Cells and Tolerance 
D D’Ambrosio (Milano) – Chemokines and T Cell Trafficking: Special Attraction for Regulatory T Cells



Meeting the Challenges of Clinical Organ Transplantation

Naples, June 16, 2000

at the Azienda Ospedaliera V Monaldi, Napoli

A Workshop aimed at an appraisal of the biological and clinical perspectives of organ transplantation, in collaboration with the Azienda Ospedaliera V Monaldi, under the auspices of the Second University of Naples and of the Health Service of the Campania Regional Government

Conference Chairmen
R I Lechler (London) and M Cotrufo (Naples)

The Speakers: M Cotrufo (Naples) - A George (London) - R I Lechler (London) - A Warrens (London) - K Wood (Oxford) - S Zappacosta (Naples)

Emergence of Infectious Diseases: An Evolutionary Perspective
Naples, 27-29 May 1998

at Palazzo Serra di Cassano, the seat of the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Napoli

An International Conference aimed at a reappraisal of the biological and social significance of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases
Under the patronage of: The World Health Organization - The Health Minister of the Italian Republic - The Central Italian Health Institute - The Major of Naples - The Provincia di Napoli
Conference Chairmen
J. Klein (Tubingen) and S. Zappacosta (Napoli)
The Speakers: M Achtman (Berlin) - A Caprioli (Roma) - M Clerici (Milano) - P Conforti (Roma) - D Greco (Rome) - E A Groisman (St. Louis) - S Gupta (Oxford) - H Hahn (Berlin) - A V S Hill (Oxford) - J C Howard (Cologne) - J Klein (Tübingen) - J A Louis (Epalinges) - I Luzzi (Roma) - A J S Macpherson (Zurich) - S M Ostroff (Atlanta) - C F Perno (Roma) - O Perrella (Napoli) - R Rappuoli (Siena) - M A Riley (New Haven) - T S Whittam (University Park) - Serafino Zappacosta (Napoli)
Panel discussion on: Socioeconomic and Historical Aspects of Infection in Developing vs Developed Countries (A Caprioli, P Conforti, D Greco, J A Loouis, I Luzzi)
Panel Discussion on: New Views on HIV Infection (M Clerici, C F Perno, O Perrella).

Scientific Programme


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