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Past Courses

In the past 26 years, the vast majority of courses held have been Level 2 courses, dedicated to young researchers and M.D.s working in immunology or related fields, wishing to acquire knowledge of a specific topic within the vast area of Immunology or to look in depth at their own knowledge. These are one-week full-immersion activities, often integrated by workshops, poster sessions, and small group discussions. These activities are aimed at Ph.D. students, and have attracted participants from all over the world.


Microbes Immunity and Cancer

Anacapri 12- 15 October 2019

Course held at: CNR ANACAPRI

The Course Directors :Francesco Colucci (UK) Ennio Carbone (Italy) Guido Kroemer (France) Giorgio Trinchieri (USA) Laurence Zitvogel (France)

The Faculty :Petter Brodin(Sweden) Systems-level analysis of immune development early in life- Jolanda de Vries(The Netherlands) Dendritic cells - Sebastian Kobold(Germany) Adoptive T cell therapy of cancer: a long journey from the bench to the bedside- Guido Kroemer(France) Longevity-extending micronutrients and microbes stimulate anticancer- Nicola Segata(Italy) Shotgun metagenomics for high-resolution investigations of thehuman microbiome- Giorgio Trinchieri(Italy) The commensal microbiota and innate resistance: a billion-year tale- Laurence Zitvogel(France) The unsuspected role of gut microbiota in cancer therapies-

The Junior Faculty : Costanza Maria Cristiani(Italy) Natural Killer cells in cancer: opening new opportunities in immune therapy- Lisa Derosa(France) Gut bacteria composition drives primary resistance to cancer immunotherapy- Amiran Dzutsev (USA) Targeting microbiota for improving cancer immunotherapy-Oliver Kepp(France) Cellular stress ignites anticancer immune responses-Marie Vetizou(USA) Targeting microbiota for improving cancer immunotherapy-

T cell memory

Anacapri 12- 15 October 2018

Course held at: CNR ANACAPRI

The Course Directors :Stephen Schoenberger (La Jolla, USA) and Francesca Di Rosa (Rome, Italy)


The Faculty :Stephen Schoenberger (USA) "Functional plasticity in CD4+ T cells" - Francesca Di Rosa(Italy)  "CD8 T cell memory in the bone marrow"- Rene van Lier(The Netherland)  "Blood and Beyond: Trigger-happy T cells residing in tissues"-David Masopust(USA)  "Resident Memory T Cells"-Luigia Pace(Italy)  "Epigenetics and heterochromatin silencing during CD8+ T cell fate commitment"-Peter Katsikis(The Netherlands)  “Post-transcriptional control of CTL immunity”-Vincenzo Barnaba(Italy)  “CD8+ T cell responses in autoimmunity and tumor immunology”-Dietmar Zehn(Germany)  "Molecular control of T cell differentiation in chronic infection"-Polly Matzinger(USA)  "Autoimmunity: are we asking the right question? “

Tumor Immunology : from Tissue microenvirommen to immunotherapy

Naples 16- 18 October 2017

Course held at: San Marcellino Church

The Course Directors : Catherine Saut Friedman (France) Wolf Friedman (France )Ennio Carbone (Italy)

The Faculty : Catherine Saut Friedman (France)The Tumor microenvuronment architecture:from response to escape- - Nadine Cerf Bensusanne (Fr)Microbiata Interactions across the gut Immune System- Ennio Carbone(Italy) NK cells and Cancer-  Vincenzo Bronte(Italy) Unosuppressive monocytes in cancer - Ferrone Soldano (USA)NH MHC-Iand Tumors  Alberto Mantovani (Italy) Tumor associates macrophage- Ugur Sahin (Germany) Individualized Cancer immunotherapy- Michele Maio(Italy) Moretta Lorenzo(Italy)  NK Cells in AML Therapy-  Mougiakakos Dimitros (Greece) Immune metabolic check points Hergen Spist(The Netherlands)ILS and B cells in Cancer 

  • Treg cell biology and metabolism


Naples, 5 & 6 November 2015


Course held at:  Hotel Oriente, Naples


The Course Directors:  F Powrie (Oxford), G Lombardi (London) & G Matarese (Naples)



The Faculty:  E Pearce (Washington University / Max Planck Berlin) Metabolic regulation of T cell function and fate – F Marelli Berg (London) Mechanisms of Treg trafficking  –  F Powrie (Oxford) Regulatory T cells and intestinal homeostasis  – M Falcone (Milan)  Diet, microbiome and gut immune regulation in the pathogenesis of autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes  –   D Norata (Milan) Translating Tcell lipid metabolism: a lesson from inherited and acquired dyslipidemias  –  H Chi (Memphis) mTOR signaling and metabolic control of Treg cells  –  G Lombardi (London) Tregs from the bench to the bedside – G Lord (London) Adoptive Treg therapy as a treatment for autoimmunity – G Matarese (Naples) Metabolic control of immune tolerance



  • The Maternal Immune System in Pregnancy


Castellammare di Stabia (Naples), 7 - 9 December 2014


Course held at:  Restoring Ancient Stabiae (RAS) – Vesuvian Institute (VI)


The Course Directors:  Francesco Colucci & Ashley Moffett (Cambridge, UK)


The Faculty: J Trowsdale (Cambridge, UK)  The ABC of KIR and HLA –  A Moffett (Cambridge, UK) How does variation in immune system genes (KIR and HLA) influence successful human reproduction? –  A Nakimuli (Kampala, Uganda) Diverse genes cause susceptibility to pregnancy disorders – A Elliott (London and Kampala, Uganda)  The impact of helminth infections during pregnancy on outcomes in the offspring  –  A Santoni (Rome) Leukocyte trafficking – E Simpson (London)  Multiple histocompatibility antigens:  the embryo as a sitting target  – T Tilburgs (Cambridge MA)  T cell responses during pregnancy: balancing fetal tolerance and antiviral immunity  –  J Michaelsson (Stockholm) What is the role of the fetal immune system?  M Alegre (Chicago)  Transplantation tolerance –  A De Tomaso (Santa Barbara, CA)  –  Allorecognition and stem cell parasitism: the strange life of a basal chordate –  E Carbone (Catanzaro and Stockholm)  Tumor immunity – T Gajewski (Chicago)  Lessons learned from immunologic tolerance in cancer –   F Colucci (Cambridge, UK)  Experimental approaches to dissect the immunogenetics of pregnancy



  • Novel vaccination strategies against the three major killersThe latest news on Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and vaccine development in general


Naples, 16 - 20 October 2013


Course held at:  Restoring Ancient Stabiae (RAS) – Vesuvian Institute (VI), Castellammare di Stabia (Naples)


The Course Directors:   Stefan H.E. Kaufmann (Berlin) & Francesca Chiodi (Stockholm)


The Faculty:  R Rappuoli (Siena) Special Lecture: Designing vaccines for the 21st  century society –  R A Weiss (London)  HIV: the virus and the host – T Ndung'u  (Durban, SA)  CD8+ immune responses and immune-driven viral adaptation as a pathway to rational HIV vaccine design – A O'Garra (London)  The Immune response in tuberculosis: from mouse models to human disease – W Hanekom  (Cape Town, SA)  Host responses induced by novel TB vaccines: lessons from clinical trials – E Levashina (Berlin) Mosquito responses to malaria parasites – K Matuschewski (Berlin)  Basic biology in malaria – R Ballou  (GSK, Belgium)  Vaccine development in malaria - progress and challenges – W Hanekom  for  C Wilson (Gates Foundation, Seattle)  Translating immunology into vaccinology to create global health solutions   – M Troye-Blomberg  (Stockholm)  How could innate and adaptive immunity be linked to improve malaria vaccine development? – F Sallusto (Bellinzona, CH) Dissecting the human T-cell response to pathogens and vaccines – F Chiodi (Stockholm)  Acquired B-cell immunity and vaccine development – J Weiner (Berlin)  Biomarkers and vaccine development – A Harandi (Gothenburg)  Adjuvants and vaccine development – M Cotton (Cape Town) Conducting studies in infants and children in the setting of high prevalence for TB and HIV


  • Innate Immunity 2012: from Evolution to Revolution

Sorrento, 31 October - 4 November 2012

Course held at: Sala Carlo di Leva, Circolo dei Forestieri, Sorrento (Napoli)

The Course Directors: K Kärre (Stockholm),  L Moretta (Genoa) & E Carbone (Catanzaro)

The Faculty:  J-M Reichhart (Strasbourg) – J Ewbank (Marseille) – A Mantovani (Milan) – S Gordon (Oxford) – S Cardell (Gothenburg) – L Moretta (Genoa) – F Tedesco (Trieste) – F Granucci (Milan) – C Münz (Zurich) – N Borregaard (Copenhagen) -- A Velardi (Perugia) – E Lavelle (Dublin) – D Kabelitz (Kiel)


  • Innovative Strategies to Prevent Transplant Rejection

Sorrento, 26 - 29 October, 2011

Course held at: Sala Carlo di Leva, Circolo dei Forestieri, Sorrento (Napoli)

The Course Directors: R Lechler (London), G Lombardi (London) & R Noelle (London)

The Faculty:  E Simpson (London) -- C Kemper (London) – T Dorling (London) -- R Lechler (London) -- R Hilton (London) -- M Hernandez-Fuentes (London) -- A Sanchez-Fueyo (Barcelona) – H-D Volk (Berlin) – S Cobbold (Oxford) -- R Noelle (London) -- K Wood (Oxford) -- G Lombardi (London) -- R Smith (London)


  • Innovative Strategies for Vaccines :  Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV

Sorrento, 4 - 6 November 2010

Course held at:  Sala Carlo di Leva, Circolo dei Forestieri, Sorrento (Napoli)

The Course Directors: S H E. Kaufmann (Berlin),  R Rappuoli & G Del Giudice (Siena)

The Faculty:  S.H.E. Kaufmann, B. Jacobs (New York) –  P. Andersen (Copenhagen) –  M. Ota (Banjul, Gambia)  –  H. Wardemann (Berlin) –  S. Barnett (Novartis, USA)  –  B. Walker (Potters Bar, UK) –  E. Riley (London) –  K. Matuschewski (Berlin) –   F. Zavala (Baltimore) –   R. Ballou (Rixensart, Belgium) –  A. von Gabain (Vienna) –  R. Rappuoli (Novartis, Italy)


  • The Role of B cells in the Physiology and Pathology of the Immune System

Sorrento, 5 - 7 November 2009

Course held at: Sala Carlo di Leva, Circolo dei Forestieri, Sorrento (Napoli)

The Course Directors: A La Cava (Los Angeles) & A Radbruch (Berlin)

The Faculty: I MacLennan (Birmingham) – F Melchers (Berlin) – E Traggiai (Genova, IT) – M Botto (London) – A Rolink (Basel) – J C Weill (Paris) – T Dörner (Berlin) – F Hiepe (Berlin) – A Radbruch (Berlin)



  • Tumour Immune Escape 2008


Sorrento, 16 - 18 October, 2008

Course held at : Sala Carlo di Leva, Circolo dei Forestieri, Sorrento (Napoli)

The Course Directors: S Ferrone (Pittsburg, PA) & B Seliger (Halle, Germany)

The Faculty: T Blankenstein (Berlin) – S Ferrone (Pittsburg) – H Abken (Köln) – B Seliger (Halle) – E Bronte (Padova, Italy) – T Whiteside (Pittsburgh) – F Cavallo (Turin) – E D Carosella (Paris) – J LeMaoult (Paris) – E Carbone (Catanzaro, Italy)


  • The Recrudescence of an Old Infectious Disease: Tuberculosis


Naples, 2 - 5 May 2007

Course held at the Congress Centre of the University of Naples “Federico II”, Napoli

The Course Director: S H E Kaufmann (Berlin)

The Faculty: F Bagnoli (Siena) – E Böttger (Zürich) – R Brosch (Paris) – V Colizzi (Roma) – M Daffè (Toulouse) – F Dieli (Palermo) – H M Dockrell (London) – B Gicquel (Paris) – E Hoal (Tygerberg) – M Jacobsen (Berlin) – S H E Kaufmann (Berlin) – S Niemann (Borstel) – F Spertini (Lausanne) – P van Helden (Tygerberg)



  • Innate Immunity in Self and Infectious Non-Self Recognition


Capo Miseno, 10 - 14 March, 2005

Course held at : the Hotel Club Cala Moresca, Capo Miseno (Napoli)

The Course Directors: G J Bancroft (London) – R Biassoni (Genova) – E Carbone (Catanzaro)

The Faculty: S Gordon (Oxford) – K Kärre (Stockholm) – P M Kaye (York) – E A Levashina (Heidelberg & Strasbourg) – M López-Botet (Barcelona) – A Mantovani (Milano) – L Moretta (Genova) – A O’Garra (London) – P Parham (Stanford) – A Santoni (Roma) –  J Trowsdale (Cambridge) – A Velardi (Perugia) – G Brancroft (London)



  • The Stem Cell : From Theory to Clinic


Vietri sul Mare, 16 - 20 October 2003

Course held at : the Lloyd’s Baia Hotel, Vietri sul Mare (Salerno)

The Course Directors: A R Migliaccio (Roma) & P Musiani (Chieti)

The Faculty: E Clarke (Vancouver) – S Corey (Houston, TX) – T Enver (Oxford) – W E Fibbe (Leiden) – R Giordano (Milano) – J A Hatzfeld (Villejuif) – F Mavilio (Modena) – G Migliaccio (Roma) – M G Pallavicini (San Francisco, CA) – G Pellegrini (Venezia) – W Piacibello (Candiolo) – R Quarto (Genova) – P Wernet (Düsseldorf)

The course included a Round Table on Ethical Issues in Human Embryonic Cell Research



  • The Immune System in the Protection and Susceptibility to Tuberculosis

Capo Miseno, 13 - 16 September, 2002

Course held at : the Hotel Club Cala Moresca, Capo Miseno (Napoli)

The Course Directors: V Colizzi (Roma) - H Hahn (Berlin) - S H E Kaufmann (Berlin)

The Faculty: C J Clements (Genève) - V Colizzi (Roma) - G De Libero (Basel) - F Dieli (Palermo) - B Gicquel (Paris) - H Hahn (Berlin) - S H E Kaufmann (Berlin) - Y C Manabe (Baltimore) - F Mariani (Roma) - J McFadden (Guildford) - R J North (Saranac Lake) - I M Orme (Fort Collins) - F Perna (Napoli) - G E Pfyffer (Zürich) - F Poccia (Roma) - S Rüsch-Gerdes (Borstel) - A Sanduzzi (Napoli) - T Ulrichs (Berlin)


  • Mucosal Immunity 2: Mucosal Infection and Inflammation

Capo Miseno, 10 - 14 October, 2002

Course held at : the Hotel Club Cala Moresca, Capo Miseno (Napoli)

The Course Director: A McI Mowat (Glasgow)

The Faculty: S P Colgan (Boston) - S van Deventer (Amsterdam) - C O Elson (Birmingham, AL) - L Greco (Napoli) - R K Grencis (Manchester) - D A van Heel (Oxford) - D Kelly (Aberdeen) - O Liesenfeld (Berlin) - F Luzza (Catanzaro) - G Monteleone (Roma) - A McI Mowat (Glasgow) - L M Sollid (Oslo) - R Troncone (Napoli) - M J Wick (Göteborg)



  • Physiology of the Mucosal Immune Response

Capo Miseno, 18 - 22 October, 2001

Course held at : the Cala Moresca Hotel Club, Capo Miseno (Napoli)

The Course Directors: A McI Mowat (Glasgow) - P Garside (Glasgow)

The Faculty: P Bland (Bristol) - R S Blumberg (Boston, MA) - P Brandtzaeg (Oslo) - P Garside (Glasgow) - A Hayday (London) - M F Kagnoff (La Jolla, CA) - N Lycke (Göteborg) - S C Meuer (Heidelberg - F Powrie (Oxford) - R Rappuoli (Siena) - P Ricciardi Castagnoli (Milano) - J Viney (Seattle, WA)



  • Remembering Environmental Experiences: The Physiological Basis of Memory in the Immune and Nervous Systems

Capo Miseno, 28 June - 2 July, 2001

at the Cala Moresca Hotel Club, Capo Miseno (Napoli)

The Course Directors: R N Germain (Bethesda, MD) - D Piomelli (Irvine, CA)

The Faculty: R Ahmed (Atlanta, GA) - M Bachmann (Zürich Schlieren) - T J Carew (Irvine, CA) - T F Freund (Budapest) - R N Germain (Bethesda, MD) - G L Gessa (Cagliari) - D Gray (Edinburgh) - A Lanzavecchia (Bellinzona) - A F Ochsenbein (Bern) - D Piomelli (Irvine, CA) - A Radbruch (Berlin) - J H Schwartz (New York, NY)



  • Escape from Immune Surveillance of Tumours and Micro-organisms: Emerging Mechanisms and Shared Strategies

Naples, 23 - 27 March, 2000

Course held at : the Centro S. Ignazio, Napoli

The Course Directors: S Ferrone (Buffalo, N Y) - R Kiessling (Stockholm)

The Faculty: J D Barry (Glasgow) - S Bergström (Umeå) - P G Coulie (Bruxelles) - S Ferrone (Buffalo, N Y) - F Garrido (Granada) - K Kärre (Stockholm) - R Kiessling (Stockholm) - M G Masucci (Stockholm) - A J McMichael (Oxford) - L Moretta (Genova) - G Parmiani (Milano) - G Pawelec (Tübingen) - B Seliger (Mainz) - S Stenger (Erlangen) - J Trowsdale (Cambridge, UK) - R M Welsh (Worcester)


  • Dendritic Cell Physiology

Positano, 20 - 24 May, 1999

Course held at : the Hotel Le Agavi, Positano

The Course Director: P Ricciardi Castagnoli (Milano)

The Faculty: S Amigorena (Paris) - F Brière (Dardilly) - T Brocker (Freiburg) - E Carbone (Stockholm) - C G Figdor (Nijmegen) - O J Finn (Pittsburgh) - G Girolomoni (Roma) - F Granucci (Milano) - A Lanzavecchia (Basel) - C Maliszewski (Seattle) - E Maraskovsky (Melbourne) - I McConnell (Edinburgh) - A O'Garra (Palo Alto) - M Rescigno (Milano) - P Ricciardi Castagnoli (Milano) - E Simpson (London) - S Sozzani (Milano) - R M Steinman (New York)



  • Emergence of Infectious Diseases: An Evolutionary Perspective


Naples, 27 - 29 May, 1998

Course held at: the Palazzo Serra di Cassano, Napoli

The Course Director: J.Klein (Tübingen)

The Faculty: M Achtman (Berlin) – A Caprioli (Roma) – M Clerici (Milano) – P Conforti (Roma – D Greco (Roma) – E A Groisman (St.Louis, MO) – S Gupta (Oxford) – H Hahn (Berlin) – A V S Hill (Oxford) – J C Howard (Köln) – J Klein (Tübingen) – J A Louis (Epalinges, CH) – I Luzzi (Roma) – A J S Macpherson (Zürich) – S M Ostroff (Atlanta) – C F Perno (Roma) – O Perrella (Napoli) – R Rappuoli (Siena) – M A Riley (New Haven, CT) – T S Whittam (University Park, PA) – S Zappacosta (Napoli)


  • Cytokines in Immunity


Naples, 3 - 7 November, 1997

Course held at: the Città della Scienza, Napoli

The Course Director: A K Abbas (Boston)

The Faculty: A K Abbas (Boston) - G J Bancroft (London) - F Bazzoni (Verona) - F M Brennan (London) - M J Dallman (London) - J van Damme (Leuven) - G Doria (Roma) - O J Finn (Pittsburgh) - A Mantovani (Milano) - A Radbruch (Berlin) - S Romagnani (Firenze) - F Sinigaglia (Milano) - J Thèze (Paris)



  • HLA and Tumours


Naples, 2 - 6 December, 1996

Course held at: the Istituto Nazionale Tumori Fondazione Pascale, Napoli

The Course Directors: S Ferrone (Valhalla) & C Manzo (Napoli)

The Faculty: E Carbone (Napoli) - M Colonna (Basel) - P G Coulie (Louvain) - G B Ferrara (Genova) - S Ferrone (Valhalla) - P Giacomini (Roma) - J Guardiola (Napoli) - K Kärre (Stockholm) - J Kaufman (Compton) - R Kiessling (Stockholm) - M Maio (Aviano) - C Manzo (Napoli) - F M Marincola (Bethesda) - L Moretta (Genova) - L Rivoltini (Milano) - B Seliger (Mainz) - J Trowsdale (London)



  • Mechanisms and Manipulation of Autoimmunity


Naples, 23 - 27 June, 1996

Course held at: the Istituto Nazionale Tumori Fondazione Pascale, Napoli

The Course Director: R Lechler (London)

The Faculty: J McCluskey (Bedford Park) - A Cooke (Cambridge, UK) - R Holmdahl (Lund) - Eric J. Jenkinson (Birmingham) - P Lane (Basel) - R Lechler (London) - D Lo (La Jolla) - F Sinigaglia (Milano) - H Stauss (London) - B Stockinger (London) - D C Wraith (Bristol)


  • Immunity to Intracellular Bacteria & Parasites


Positano, 20 - 25 May, 1995

Course held at: the Hotel Le Agavi, Positano

The Course Director: H Hahn (Berlin)

The Faculty: P Andersen (Copenhagen) - I B Autenrieth (Würzburg) - G J Bancroft (London) - D L Boros (Detroit) - S Brocke (Stanford) - T Chakraborty (Giessen) - E Y Denkers (Bethesda) - S Ehlers (Berlin) - R van Furth (Leiden) - K Kärre (Stockholm) - S H E Kaufmann (Ulm) - P G Kremsner (Berlin and Lambaréné) - F Y Liew (Glasgow) - R Lucas (Genève) - M E A Mielke (Berlin) - H Moll (Würzburg) - L Moretta (Genova) - R J North (Saranac Lake, NY) - A Phalipon (Paris)


  • Progress and Perspectives in Vaccination


Naples, 16 - 20 May, 1994


Course held at : the Istituto Nazionale Tumori Fondazione Pascale, Napoli

The introductory and conclusive sessions were held at Palazzo Serra di Cassano, the seat of the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Napoli


The Course Director: G Doria (Roma)


The Faculty (The following list also includes the speakers participating in the introductory and conclusive sessions): F E Baralle (Trieste) - A Cassone (Roma) - A Crisanti (Roma) - F Dianzani (Roma) - M P Dierich (Innsbruck) - G Doria (Roma) - S Ferrone (Valhalla) - D Frasca (Roma) - M E Grandolfo (Roma) - H Hahn (Berlin) - R J Hodes (Bethesda) - A M Kruisbeek (Amsterdam) - A J McMichael (Oxford) - F Palumbo (Napoli) - G Parmiani (Milano) - M Piazza (Napoli) - R Rappuoli (Siena) - A Vegnente (Napoli) - M E Weksler (New York) - S Zappacosta (Napoli)


  • T-Cell Activation, Anergy and Immunosuppressive Drug Action


Naples, 17 - 21 October, 1994


Course held at:  the Istituto Nazionale Tumori Fondazione Pascale, Napoli

An introductory session was held in the afternoon preceding the Course at Palazzo Serra di Cassano, the seat of the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Napoli


The Course Director: S C Meuer (Heidelberg)


The Faculty (The following list also includes the speakers participating in the introductory session): V E Avvedimento (Catanzaro) - P A Baeuerle (Freiburg) - D A Cantrell (London) - D Collavo (Padova) - M Condorelli (Napoli) - B Fleischer (Hamburg) - P Matzinger (Bethesda) - S C Meuer (Heidelberg) - F Momburg (Heidelberg) - L Racioppi (Napoli) - S Shaw (Bethesda) - C B Thompson (Chicago) - S Zappacosta (Napoli)


  • Immunology of Bone Marrow Transplantation


Naples, 12 - 16 October, 1992


Course held at : the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Napoli


The Course Director: E Simpson (Harrow, UK)


The Faculty: E Angelucci (Pesaro) - A Bacigalupo (Genova) - G B Ferrara (Genova) - M Ferrarini (Genova) - P M Hoogerbrugge (Rijswijk) - J M Hows (Bristol) - R Lechler (London) - Y Reisner (Rehovot) - M G Roncarolo (Palo Alto) - B Rotoli (Napoli) - E Simpson (Harrow) - N G Testa (Manchester) - A Velardi (Perugia) - H Waldmann (Cambridge) - S Zappacosta (Napoli)

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