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"Treg cell biology and metabolism"


Danilo Norata (UNIMI, Milano, IT)

Translating Treg cell metabolism: a lesson from inherited and
acquired dyslipidemia

Federica Marelli Berg (QMUL, London, UK)
Mechanisms of Treg trafficking 

Marika Falcone (San Raffaele, Milano, IT)

Diet, microbiome and gut immune regulation in the pathogenesis of autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes

Hongbo Chi (St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Memphis, USA)

TOR signaling and metabolic control of Treg cells

Giovanna Lombardi (Kings College, London, UK)

Tregs from the bench to the bedside

Graham Lord (Kings College, London, UK)

Title to be announced

Fiona Powrie (Oxford Univ., Oxford, UK)

Title to be announced

Erika Pearce (Washington University, USA)

Metabolic regulation of T cell function and fate

Giuseppe Matarese (UNISA-CNR, Napoli, IT)

Metabolic control of immune tolerance

The Course takes place in memory and in honour of the Ceppellini School Founder Serafino Zappacosta.

Scientific Programme

5 - 6 NOV

Naples, Italy Flora, or Spring, Villa Ariadne, Stabiae

Course Directors:

Fiona Powrie (Oxford UK),

Giovanna Lombardi (London UK),

and Giuseppe Matarese (Naples Italy)

Organizing Committee:     

S. Fontana, A. Di Giacomo, T. Reynolds 

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